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Friday, July 31st, 2009
7:55 pm
anyone have any experience selling jewelry in this city? i got a this bracelet for Christmas which i have never and will never wear. It's from Bernie Robbins. I don't have a receipt. ...how do i get decent money for this thing?
Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
4:22 pm

Don't forget about the free short film screening tonight at 9:

Saturday, March 21st, 2009
1:28 am
Free film screening

Rembrandt's Short Film Screening Series
"Night Watch", featuring Project Twenty1
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Rembrandt's Restaurant & Bar
741 N. 23rd St.  (23rd & Aspen Streets, Upstairs in the Skyline Room)

9 pm - ???

Screening This Month:

"Project Twenty1 Introduction"
"In Zakk's Case"
"Pop My Bubbles"

Hosted & Programmed by David Allen Ruth from 3 POINT Production Group (3PPG). Www.3ppg.com

RSVP on Evite: http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/SSUARQXSQYDKIGGDYHND/rembrandts

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
2:52 pm
i am looking for stores that buy used clothing (and maybe household items).
i'm not in philly though, i'm in trenton. if there is some frugal trenton lj group i have missed, please let me know.

and yes, i know i can donate unwanted clothing.
the plan is to get a few dollars for what i can sell and donate whatever is left.

also, looking for a place i can get pants hemmed cheaply in the trenton area.

Thursday, November 20th, 2008
6:44 pm
Apartment for rent in Germantown
Apartment for rent in Germantown

3 rooms - a large living room/ bedroom combo, eat-in kitchen and full bath, private entrance, hardwood floors, full kitchen, stove, ref, rent includes all utilities,non working fireplace, high ceilings.... Apartment is in building that is owner occupied, safe and quiet building with older residents. showing on friday and saturday
email me if you are interested sirwalterhere@gmail.com

$550 a month for rent includes all utilites. Need 1st month rent and 1 month security to move in.
Monday, August 4th, 2008
10:50 am
x-posted to NE Philly

I hate this crap, but where can I go around NE Philly/the city in general where I can get my girlfriend a Fake Coach or "off the back of a truck" big handbag? She usually goes to New York, but I'm sure there's something decent around here. 
Friday, April 11th, 2008
2:11 pm
Are you spring cleaning?
Do you have a bag full of old teeshirts that you've been dying to get rid of? I need them for my super-secret scooter project! I need lots and lots. Leave a comment or e-mail me at letters.sodas@ yahoo.com and I will pick them up from you. Any and all sizes, colors, and holey-ness welcome!

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, March 17th, 2008
11:02 am
i'm looking at spending a day in philly checking out museums.

i'm interested in the academy of natural sciences ($10, $8 for students, $9 for AAA members). but i'm wondering if there's enough there to hold the attention of two adults.

my boyfriend vetoed the franklin institute because he has already been there many many times.

how is the institute of contemporary art? i'm attracted by the $6 admission ($3 for students).

pennsylvania academy of the fine arts? $7, $6 for students.

we went to the aquarium recently and were pretty bored... and put off by how crowded it was. i'd like to avoid another crowded disappointment.

also, cheap is of course good.
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
11:47 am
I have a room with a private entrance and private bath. the room only has a small refrigerator and mircrowave. It's kinda like your own 1 room apt. the rent is $125 a week or $400 if you pay monthly, rent includes water, heat,and electric. the house is in germantown and your space is totally private you are not sharing anything with anyone.

email:SirWalterHere@yahoo.com if interested
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
5:53 pm
Urban Sustainability Forums
All of these are free... passed along to me from a friend. may be of interest to some of you.


Upcoming Urban Sustainability Forums
Please join us for the 2008 Urban Sustainability Forums, host by the Academy of Natural Sciences' Town Square program. These forums bring together experts and the public to explore innovative ideas as we work to make Philadelphia the greenest, most livable city in America. All events are free and open to the public.

January 17 –Bicycle Sharing: Breaking Philly's Car Habit


Gilles Vesco
Vice-président Communauté urbaine de Lyon, France
(Lyon operates the groundbreaking "Velo'V" bike sharing system)

Nate Kvamme
Director, Partnership Strategy, Innovation Center
Humana Inc.
(Developed the cycling program "Freewheelin" at Humana Health Systems)

Mitch Franzos
President of THG
(Working with Dasani Blue Bikes program in Pittsburgh, PA)

February 21 – The Green Economy


Van Jones, Esq.
President, The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Oakland, CA
Van Jones is an environmental leader, civil rights attorney and powerhouse public speaker, working to promote integrated solutions to urban America's toughest problems: social inequality and environmental destruction. Working with the Apollo Alliance, Van is promoting a national "green-collar jobs" initiative. His most recent success is the passage of the Green Jobs Act of 2007, authorizing $125 million for green job training programs across the country. Sponsored by the School of Architecture and the Engineering & Design Institute at Philadelphia University

March 20 – Sustainability & Faith

April 17 - Sustainable Transportation

May 15 - Green Energy

June 19 - A Green Infrastructure for Philadelphia

Unless otherwise noted, all events feature light refreshments at 6:00 p.m., with the program getting underway at 6:30 p.m. in the Academy Auditorum (1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia).

Supported by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Delaware Valley Green Building Council, City Parks Association, Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Drexel University, Temple University – Ambler, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, City of Philadelphia, and The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Be sure and check our website ( http://www.ansp.org/townsqure) for updates and further details. RSVP is requested for all events. Please respond to Roland Wall, (215)-299-1108, rwall@ansp.org.

And don't miss these other upcoming Town Square events:

March 25 – Toxicants in Everyday Life

Dr. Kevin Osterhaudt
Medical Director, The Poison Control Center
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

April 10 – A Special Appearance by Dr. Craig Venter
President of the J. Craig Venter Institute, former President of Celera
Genomics and pioneer in mapping the human genome.
(Note: Lecture to begin at 5:30 pm)

Town Square is made possible by the generous donations of the Environmental Associates of The Academy of Natural Sciences and the Claneil Foundation. RSVP recommended.
Town Square: Science for Citizens
The Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103
www.ansp.org/ townsquare | 215.299.1108 | rwall@ansp.org
4:13 pm
FREE: this thursday night! YUMMY @ Nexus
Okey dokey. Since at least some of you don't mind- here's an upcoming free event.
I don't work for Big Tea Party but respect the stuff they do. Same goes for Nexus. Good people.

BiG TeA PaRtY’s SugarHouse Casino

Combines the best of GAMBLING and the DESSERT BUFFET!

JAN. 10, THURS., 7-8:30 pm,
Nexus Gallery, Crane Bldg., 1400 No. American St., Philly

Your gambling and dessert, it’s all FREE!!!

After being indoctrinated with BiG TeA PaRtY videos about fruits and vegetables, play games of chance to win your SugarHouse Sweet.

You’re a winner if the throw of the dice rewards you with Strawberry Shortcake but with your luck you may draw Chocolate frosted Apple Cake with Wasabi Pea topping.

All part of “Yummy!”

NEXUS Foundation for Today’s Art presents YUMMY: a celebration of craving, compulsion and culture where the delicious, the fanciful and the abundant are made manifest in artwork by 30 plus individual artists from all over the nation. The celebration runs two months and includes a gallery exhibition featuring artwork in many mediums such as sculpture, photography, ceramics and silkscreen, painting, performance and video as well as two evenings of music and dance performance; a hands-on cake workshop with Elizabeth Fiend and Philadelphia’ s own BiG TeA PaRtY; a screening of a documentary produced by the Hunger Coalition; and a potluck dinner.

More: http://www.bigteaparty.com/category/events/
2:31 pm
FREE EVENTS -- what do y'all think?
I was thinking of creating a "free_philly" or "philly4free" or something like that. But I did a quick search and found this group. So I thought, why not start here first and check in with the folks interested in frugality, and thus perhaps, free events. Hellz, i even know the maintainer and several members. Anyway... I'm trying to save money and still stay involved w/ interesting things around town.

Do you mind if I post listings of other people's free stuff here? Or would you rather I create a whole new community for this kind of thing?

If you all don't mind - would you want to contribute to this community with listings of free events?

If you do mind, and I start a new community, would any of you contribute listings of free events and meetups? please say yes!

Current Mood: curious
Monday, November 12th, 2007
1:54 pm
Tailor recommendations?
Howdy, y'all. I need to find a decent low-price tailor who will alter my cordura winter coat. Because there's NO WAY I'm going to pay all that money for a new one! South Philly is where I'm at, but I can get to anywhere within city limits.

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, November 4th, 2007
3:07 pm
i've got a four day weekend coming up and i've decided to spend some time in philly.
i'm going to get a city pass. it includes a few things in philly, with trolley access between the sites.
it's no problem to take the train from trenton into philly.

the problem is that the city pass also includes the aquarium in camden.
the river line can get me from trenton to the aquarium, and it seems to be cheap.

what i'm trying to figure out is how to then get from the aquarium to philly (someplace near one of the dots here: http://www.citypass.com/citypass/images/cities/maps/philadelphia/3/map.gif ). then i'd want to go from philly back to trenton.
and of course i want to do this as cheaply as possible.

what i've looked at so far makes it look like i should get a round trip ticket on the riverline.
then a round trip ticket on patco.
but if i take the river line to the aquarium then take it back up to the transfer station, is that using two tickets?

if i could walk from the aquarium to the transfer station then i could do...
take river line from trenton to aquarium
walk from aqauarium to transfer station
take patco to philly
take patco back to transfer station on river line
go from transfer station to trenton

i see something about nj transit buses on the site, but i don't quite understand it:
If you would like to travel between Center City Philadelphia and any station along the River LINE, you may purchase a two zone interstate continuing trip ticket for $2.25 from River LINE TVMs prior to boarding the River LINE.

i'm not sure what is considered to be "center city philadelphia"

the more i look, the more confused i get

maybe i should just go to the aquarium one day and do actual philly stuff another day...
1:36 am
50 Places to Eat on the Cheap
Did anyone catch the article in Philadelphia Magazine highlighting 50 places where two could eat under $50? A lot of great spots were mentioned, and when they said cheap they actually meant cheap.
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
10:41 pm
room for rent?
moving to west philly oct. 6 from vegas and need affordable/cheap queer/rans-friendly housing. $200-400. permanent or temp, couch surfing acceptable. anybody know of anything?
already posted to queer in philly,west philly,myspace,craigslist,tribe.
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
7:29 pm
Records for sale
once again i'm selling a bunch of my records. There's a catch though, i need the money before Thursday the 28th. If you want something but can't get the money to me by then, email me and we might be able to work something out.

i prefer paypal, but cash and money orders are okay too if you don't have access to paypal.

comment or email me at derek@allthingsordinary.com to make an offer. I'm not looking for ridiculous ebay prices, but i know what things are worth.

7 Inches

A Perfect Circle- “Judith remix” (side B etched)
Allegiance/ Internal Affairs split
Cardiac Arrest- “Life’s a Dead End” (clear)
Champion- “Come Out Swinging” (orange)
Champion- “Count Our Numbers”
Chronic Seizure- “Brain Sick” (Clear)
Cross Me- “Drug Free Zone”
Despair- “One Thousand Cries”
The Devil is Electric- “s/t” (red) *sale pending*
The Devil is Electric/ This Bike is a Pipe Bomb split *sale pending*
The Donnas- “Fall Behind Me” (White)
The Donnas- “Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine”
Ensign- “Fall from Grace”
Exclaim- “Keep Things Evolving Positively” (tour press #23/100)
Fifth Hour Hero- “You have hurt my…” (orange)
Fifth Hour Hero/Navel split
Fifth Hour Hero/No Choice split (orange)
Fifth Hour Heo/ The Sainte Catherines split ( grey marble)
Fucked Up- “Dangerous Fumes”
Fucked Up- “Litany”
Fucked Up-“Police”
Fucked Up- “Triumph of Life” (Pink)
Fucked Up/Haymaker split
The Gaia- “No. 1”
Good Clean Fun- “Who Shares Wins”
Guns Up- “All This Is” (orange)
Hellnation/Sink split (purple)
Intent to Injure- “Keep Us Strong” (blue)
New Day Rising (double 7”)
New Day Rising/ Atlas Shrugged split
New Day Rising/Despair split (mint green)
No Less- “Boxed In”
No Less/Agents of Satan split
No Less/ Laughing Dog split (purple Doomryder press #20/400)
No Less/Potato Justice split
Pg. 99/City of Caterpillar split
Portrait- “s/t”
Reveal- “Descent” (#37/100)
Righteous Jams- “Boston Straight Edge”
Set To Explode- “s/t” (white)
Skate Korpse- “Down” (pink)
Snakebite- “every bad idea..” (TEST PRESS #85/103)
Snakebite- “Feel the Buzz” (clear)
Straight Ahead- “Spirit of Youth” (Yellow)
V/A- Reality vol.1 comp (red) –features Spazz, Despise You, Lack of Interest…

10 Inches
Lemonheads- “It’s a Shame About Ray” (stamped # 6703/????)
The Spectacle-“s/t”

12 Inches

The Anniversary- “Your Majesty”
Better Than a Thousand- “Just One”
The Clash- “Combat Rock”
Depeche Mode- “Construction Time Again”
Depeche Mode- “Music for the Masses”
Depeche Mode- “People are People”
Depeche Mode- “Some Great Reward”
Depeche Mode- “Speak and Spell”
DJ Shadow- “Endtroducing” (double LP)
The Donnas- “American Teenage Rock n Roll Machine”
The Donnas- “skintight”
The Donnas- “Turn 21”
El Guapo- “Super/system”
Hatchet Face- “Vol.2” (blue)
Hatebreed- Satisfaction is the death of desire” (blue)
Hella- “The Devil Isn’t Red” (grey marble)
Iron Maiden- “The Number of the Beast”
Iron Maiden- “Piece of Mind”
Mates of State- “My Solo Project”
Mates of State- “Our Constant Concern” (maroon)
Ministry- “Twitch”
Motley Crue- “Too Fast For Love”
Motley Crue- “Shout at the Devil”
New Day Rising- “live”
Poison the Well- “The Opposite of December”
Raw Power- “Screams From the Gutter”
Scum Brigade- “Negative Hardcore Destructive Youth” (hand screened tour cover)
The Smiths- “Best of vol. 1”
Spazz- “La Revancha”
Spazz/Romatic Gorilla split (green marble)
Stand and Fight- “Together We Win” (purple)
Three 6 Mafia- “Da Unbreakables” (double LP)
Transistor Transistor- “s/t”
Transistor Transistor/ Light the Fuse and Run split
Youth of Today- “break down the walls” (Rev reissue)
Youth of Today- “Can’t Close my eyes” (rev reissue)

All Things Ordinary Releases:
Team Chocolate 7"- $4.00
Lemuria 7"- $4.00 (only 20 left EVER)
La Cacahouette 7"- $4.00
La Cacahouette CD Pre-order- $10.00 and i'll give you a hug
12:37 pm
New Community
I am very sorry if this promo is not allowed. I attempted to email the moderator first.

</b></a>wicparents is a new community specifically for posting about WIC (Woman, Infants, & Children nutritional program with higher salaries allowances than food stamps). We welcome anyone who has ever used WIC, may be interested in applying for WIC, and WIC employees. This is a place to talk about WIC experiences both positive and negative, exchange useful information with other WIC members, recipe ideas that call for two gallons of milk, a pound of cheese, two dozen eggs, and two 46 oz cans of juice, and more. We understand that WIC is very state specific and will try to tag entries appropriately.  So come join </a></b></a>wicparents!
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
2:12 pm
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a place to take dance lessons (I'd actually prefer private lessons, but a class would be fine too). I'm looking for a place where I don't have to sign up for a whole session of classes, but can come in when I want to. I'm a beginner to mid-level, and also looking for a place where I won't get stuck in a class full of kids (which has been my experience so far). I don't have a ton of money, so preferably someplace that's not outrageously expensive.


(x-posted like whoa)
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
6:52 pm
3 unrelated inquiries
can anyone recommend...

+ a good dentist with semi-reasonable rates for someone without insurance?

+ a cheapish/sanitary place that does pedicures? (ie: no water jets... thats where funky fungi/bacterium like to chill out and make your toenails nasty 4E!)

+ a good used camera/video equipment store? (do those exist here at all?)

all input is welcomed.

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