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FREE: this thursday night! YUMMY @ Nexus

Okey dokey. Since at least some of you don't mind- here's an upcoming free event.
I don't work for Big Tea Party but respect the stuff they do. Same goes for Nexus. Good people.

BiG TeA PaRtY’s SugarHouse Casino

Combines the best of GAMBLING and the DESSERT BUFFET!

JAN. 10, THURS., 7-8:30 pm,
Nexus Gallery, Crane Bldg., 1400 No. American St., Philly

Your gambling and dessert, it’s all FREE!!!

After being indoctrinated with BiG TeA PaRtY videos about fruits and vegetables, play games of chance to win your SugarHouse Sweet.

You’re a winner if the throw of the dice rewards you with Strawberry Shortcake but with your luck you may draw Chocolate frosted Apple Cake with Wasabi Pea topping.

All part of “Yummy!”

NEXUS Foundation for Today’s Art presents YUMMY: a celebration of craving, compulsion and culture where the delicious, the fanciful and the abundant are made manifest in artwork by 30 plus individual artists from all over the nation. The celebration runs two months and includes a gallery exhibition featuring artwork in many mediums such as sculpture, photography, ceramics and silkscreen, painting, performance and video as well as two evenings of music and dance performance; a hands-on cake workshop with Elizabeth Fiend and Philadelphia’ s own BiG TeA PaRtY; a screening of a documentary produced by the Hunger Coalition; and a potluck dinner.

More: http://www.bigteaparty.com/category/events/
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